Monday, May 27, 2013

Oklahoma Disaster Relief

As Mother Mitzi George's letter posted last week indicates, we are putting together a mission team to go to Oklahoma. We do not have definite dates yet. Our Bishop is still waiting to hear from the Bishop of Oklahoma as to the appropriate time to come, but we tentatively plan to go after July 4 but before the middle of the month. We will most likely go for about a week. We hope to take a bus, "camp" in a parish hall, and cook our own food in order to keep expenses down.

Pending details, if you are interested and think you'll be able to go, please e-mail me your name at or call/text me at 318-372-8117.

I announced this at St. Alban's this morning and already have four people who definitely want to go. All four are women, and I'll be the first to say women can do many things! However, we need some men as well. So... give it some consideration and let me know if you think it likely you'll want to go.

Archdeacon BJK