Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Commencement Invocation

I thought you all might enjoy this photograph. Because the pastor scheduled to give the invocation at ULM's commencement decided to go to New Orleans to a football game at the last minute, I was called upon to fill in. It was a great privilege to get to do the invocation at Will's graduation! Fr. Walter Baer attended and took this photo. Here's the prayer I wrote especially for commencement invocations:

God of mystery and splendor, from age to age your devotion to all creation never wavers. You constantly enfold us with extravagant care. At life’s every turn we are sustained by your ancient love that continually refreshes us.

Blessed Creator and sustainer of life, we give thanks this day for this university and for the teaching and learning that happen hear. We give thanks for all who make it possible: for dedicated faculty and students, and for the support of staff and administrators. We give thanks for family and friends who sustain the educational endeavor in so many ways, from paying bills to offering words of encouragement when the going gets tough, and above all, for always believing in our ability to succeed.

This day we are especially thankful for this graduating class, for the failures from which they have learned and for the challenges they have faced and overcome.

We ask now that the skills and knowledge they have gained here be crowned with wisdom. May they go forth guided by the light of your love. As they move through their lives, may they continue to learn and grow. And may they always use their privilege as educated people to create a world of peace and justice in which all peoples of the world live and thrive.

Blessed are You, Creator God, Lord of the Universe, who is good and causes good. Praise and glory be to you, Gracious Mystery. We trust that you will rise to answer us when we call upon your Holy Name this day and always. AMEN.