Monday, July 29, 2013

Two Stories of Children in Louisiana

Last week we were uplifted and entertained and, I daresay, a bit worn out by our mountain-top experience with approximately 50 delightful, energetic children in Vacation Bible School. What a week it was! Seeing the love of God in the faces of our kids and especially in their, shall we say "enthusiastic" singing? is always a lesson in faith for me!

I have always been struck that when Jesus came down from his mountain-top transfiguration experience, waiting for him at the foot of the mountain was a person who needed healing. The hopes and needs of the world seem always to await us.

Here is an excellent column written just over a year ago, but still sadly true. It contains several links to valuable charts documenting the problem of children in poverty in Louisiana.

Three Tiger Stadiums Filled with Poor Children: The Scandal of Poverty in Louisiana

I decided to not "pretty up" this blog post with photos.