Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today is the 8th Anniversary of the flooding of New Orleans by the levee breaches post Hurricane Katrina. More than 1800 people died and hundreds of thousands were displaced and lost all of their belongings. A couple hundred people went missing and some were never found. It is generally assumed they were swept out to sea.

I did a photography project that documented and recreated the flood lines left on buildings, trees, vehicles, signs, fences and more. It is called "WATERLINE: an interactive photo installation." I am working on turning it into a book, in part because so many people have said that it tells a story that needs to be told and made accessible to wider audiences.

A few days ago I launched a WATERLINE Facebook page. I invite you to stop by and "like it up," as the saying goes.

And say a prayer for the victims of this great tragedy that was not entirely a "natural" disaster.