Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wheels for Logan

Friends & Supporters of Canterbury@ULM:

One of the young men who began attending Canterbury this fall lives in a wheelchair. His name is Logan and he does not have a denominational affiliation. Some of our Canterbury kids who hang out with students from other campus ministries got to be friends with Logan because he is a believer who just doesn't have a denominational identity and isn't sure he wants one! So they invited him to Canterbury and he comes most of the time.

Logan's current wheelchair is a mess. Logan is a pretty big guy and the wheelchair is old and decrepit. Logan is also a COMM major and my advisee, so I see him with some regularity and I have often watched him rolling down a hallway and worried that his chair was going to collapse right out from under him! 

So... a bunch of kids with whom he hangs out, including our Canterbury kids and some kids from other campus ministries, have decided to replace Logan's wheelchair--and it's a surprise! The cost of the chair is $3000 and we figure we only need 300 people at $10 a head to do the deed--and even most students can afford $10.

But we'd also like to give you an opportunity to get involved! So... this Sunday  I'll be at St. Thomas' and if you'd like to help, just hand me a $10 bill and say, "Wheels for Logan." (Or whatever, I'll know what it's for!) Or, if you prefer, write a check to St. Thomas' and put "Wheels for Logan" in the memo line and I'll get Henry to write a check. 

BTW, Logan's family really can't afford to just buy him a new chair.